Birth Classes with Laurie Gallo

Healthy Birth Practices for the 6 Steps of Labor

You'll glean wonderful stuff in these classes that you won't get anywhere else, even if you read every book on pregnancy out there. (Believe me, there are a lot of pregnancy books out there.)

Step #1: The Baby's Gonna Come

We'll go over all the medical and physical details involved in any birth.

Step #2: Your Baby's Going to Come Out

We'll talk about coping skills, introduce breathing techniques, discuss helpful affirmations, how to focus, how to select the right mindset for you, not just anyone.

Step #3: Your Partner's Baby is Going to Come Out

We'll go over labor positions, more advanced skills, pain relief, and more!

Step #4: How Your Baby's Going to Come Out

We'll discuss the normal variations of labor, interventions, complications, decision making

Step #5: Baby, Baby, Baby

We'll talk about your baby's first 5 minutes, first hour, first 24 hours, first 3 days, first week) 

Step #6: So, Now That The Baby is Here

We'll discuss breast feeding, postpartum experiences, and your new normal with your baby

3 Methods of Registration: 

  • Attend six weekly classes held every Monday evening on Orcas Island, WA.

  • Select an intensive weekend class taught over 2 days on Orcas Island, WA.

  • Attend an unlimited number of classes when you choose me as your doula!


Who Will Be There?

  • Other women delivering their baby (perhaps for the first time)
  • Other partners who will help
  • Parents who want a refresher 
  • Parents thrilled to be grandparents
  • Close friends of a pregnant woman
  • Adoptive parents 
  • Other doulas, nurses, or any other medical professionals are always welcome.